Saturday, Dec. 5th 7-10p


Join me in celebrating the closing of Sum of Noise at Chinatown Soup




Chinatown Soup is delighted to present Sum of Noise, a solo exhibition of work by New York-based artist Kyler Zee. This will be Zee’s first show with the gallery and his first solo exhibition in New York.

Noise is a multimedia installation that explores the complex nature of human conditioning. The show is an assemblage of Americana, expressed through a compilation of paint, collage, and sculpture. A large portion of the show is inspired by the Duchampian tradition that frames everyday objects as a metaphorical look at the state of the average American. By recontextualizing these whimsical and mass-produced objects, Zee presents a much darker narrative of the crumbling state of identity as experienced through an impulsive, frivolous, and even soulless youth culture.

Noise expands upon this exploration with the physical and spiritual presence of surveillance. Affixed with a working CCTV camera, the show’s centerpiece is a mural-sized canvas constructed from standard building materials, polished to a machined level, to state what could be the show’s thesis: in the midst of such overwhelming homogeneity of thought and culture, where sheer volume decides influence, how does the individual maintain an honest sense of self? In the current state of constant surveillance, whether by your own choosing or that of an external body, we have all been conditioned to exist in a default state of hyper-awareness and alienation.

In keeping with this line of thought, the show’s overtly branded surveillance camera logo appears throughout, toying with the viewer’s reaction to brand identity. Established classical, bordering on puritanical, ideals of the human condition can be seen throughout the exhibit. This is most notably present in the large-scale vinyl cutouts of an androgynous pair of Adam and Eve, taken from Guiliano di Piero di Simone Bugiardiui’s 1520 diptych, which instill a looming sense of temptation. Underneath, a silhouette of a boy stares out into the sea of primary colors that are a spectral analogy for what is bold and instinctual. This tension persists throughout, highlighting a culture of quantity over quality, while at the same time finding an unusual beauty in a constant state of being watched. It is in the balance between new and old, big and small, color and grayscale, that makes the show a uniquely self-reflexive journey.



Kyler Zee is an Inwood-based New York artist who focuses on mixed media and sculptural work. Born in Northampton, Massachusetts, he graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Film and Television. His filmic sensibilities bring a unique perspective to his dimensional, often immersive environmental work.


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